Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

set, Vintage Beaded Sweater Pin Set with Matching Earrings Deep Magenta/Amethyst Hand Made Very Old Retro Antique Black Sequins



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This beadedis beadeda beadedvintage beadedhand beadedmade beadedbeaded beadedsweater beadedpin beadedset beadedwith beadedmatching beadedearrings beadedin beadeda beadedgorgeous beadeddeep beadedmagenta/amethyst beadedcolor. beaded beadedThis beadedis beadedan beadedunusual beadedhand-beaded beadedvintage beadedsweater beadedpin\rset beadedwith beadedmatching beadedearrings beadedand beadedthe beadedunsigned beadedpieces beadedlook beadedvery beadedold beadedfrom beadedthe beadedback\rside. beaded beadedWe beadedare beadedunsure beadedof beadedits beadedexact beadedage beadedbut beadedit beadedis beadedvery beadedold beadedlooking.\r\rThe beadedbead beadedwork beadedis beadedlovely beadedon beadedthe beadedfront beadedof beadedall beadedthe beadedpieces. beaded beadedMagenta/Amethyst beadedcolored beadedbeads beadedare beadedset beadedoff beadedbrilliantly beadedagainst beadeda beadeddark beadedbackground beadedof beadedblack beadedsequins. beaded beadedAlthough beadedthe beadedback beadedof beadedthe beadedpieces beadedshow beadedsome beadedage beadedand beadedrepair, beadedthe beadedfronts beadedare beadedspectacular. beaded beadedThe beadedearrings beadedare beadedscrew beadedback beadedstyle.\r\rThis beadedset beadedis beadedquite beadeda beadedconversation beadedpiece beadeddisplayed beadedon beadeda beadedsweater, beadeddress beadedor beadedcoat beadedwith beadedthe beadedmatching\rearrings!\r\rMeasurements: beaded beadedlarge beadedflower beaded2 beaded1/4" beadeddiameter, beadedsmall beadedflower beaded1 beaded1/2" beadeddiameter. beaded beadedConnecting beadedbead beadedstrands beadedapprox. beaded7", beaded beadedearrings beaded1" beadeddiameter

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