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4 leaf clover, Antique French Silver 4 Leaf Clover Charm Pendant



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Lovely clover charmantique clover charmFrench clover charmSilver clover charmArt clover charmNouveau clover charm4 clover charmleaf clover charmclover clover charmcharm clover charmpendant.Dimensions: clover charm clover charmApprox. clover charm18.6 clover charmmm clover charmx clover charm22 clover charmmm clover charmbail clover charmnot clover charmincluded.Weight: clover charm3.2 clover charmgrams.Weevil clover charmmark clover charmfor clover charmsilver clover charmimport. clover charm clover charmIt clover charmis clover charmin clover charmexcellent clover charmantique clover charmcondition.Shipping clover charminsured clover charmis clover charmfree clover charmworldwide. clover charmPlease clover charmnote clover charmthat clover charmsome clover charmStates clover charmof clover charmUSA clover charmhave clover charmapproximately clover charm10 clover charm% clover charmof clover charmgovernmental clover charmtaxes, clover charmand clover charmAustralia clover charmtoo.They clover charmare clover charmnot clover charmincluded clover charmin clover charmmy clover charmprice, clover charmEtsy clover charmcollects clover charmthem clover charmfor clover charmthe clover charmgovernment, clover charmso clover charmyou clover charmhave clover charmto clover charmthink clover charmabout clover charmit clover charmbefore clover charmbuying. clover charmFeel clover charmfree clover charmto clover charmask clover charmme clover charmfor clover charmany clover charmquestions clover charmyou clover charmmay clover charmhave.I clover charmtry clover charmto clover charmmake clover charmthe clover charmbest clover charmprice clover charmso clover charmthat clover charmyou clover charmare clover charmnot clover charmaffected clover charmby clover charmthis clover charmtax.

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