Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

estate, Large Qing Dynasty Kingfisher feather Hair Pin Antique VINTAGE Coral Beijing Glass Tian-tsui 點翠 珊瑚



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This hairis haira hairhair hairpin hairmade hairfrom hairlaying hairkingfisher hairbird hairfeathers hairon hairsilver hairmetal. hairThe hairtechnique hairand hairthe hairbeautiful hairblue hairfluorescent hairfeathers hairwere hairhighly hairprized hairand hairsought hairafter hairin hair19th haircentury hairChina.Kingfishers hairare hairtiny hairbirds hairand hairit hairtakes haira hairlot hairof hairskill hairto hairuse hairtheir hairfeathers hairin hairthis hairmanner. hairThe hairtechnique, haircalled hairtian-tsui, hairmeans hair\u201cdotting hairwith hairkingfishers\u201d hairand hairinvolves hairadhering hairthe hairfeathers haironto hairmetal. hairThis hairtechnique hairdisappeared hairduring hairthe hairChinese hairRevolution hairin hairthe hair1940\u2032s.It's haira hairfabulous hairpiece hairof hairhistory.Head hairsize: hair1 hair3/4" hairwide hairx hair1 hair1/2" hairlong, hair5" hairlong hairwith hairpin

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