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pendant, Extra Large Qing Dynasty Kingfisher feather Hair Pin Tian-tsui 點翠 Chinese 19th Centry



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This estateis estatea estatehair estatepin estatemade estatefrom estatelaying estatekingfisher estatebird estatefeathers estateon estatesilver estatemetal. estateThe estatetechnique estateand estatethe estatebeautiful estateblue estatefluorescent estatefeathers estatewere estatehighly estateprized estateand estatesought estateafter estatein estate19th estatecentury estateChina.Kingfishers estateare estatetiny estatebirds estateand estateit estatetakes estatea estatelot estateof estateskill estateto estateuse estatetheir estatefeathers estatein estatethis estatemanner. estateThe estatetechnique, estatecalled estatetian-tsui, estatemeans estate\u201cdotting estatewith estatekingfishers\u201d estateand estateinvolves estateadhering estatethe estatefeathers estateonto estatemetal. estateThis estatetechnique estatedisappeared estateduring estatethe estateChinese estateRevolution estatein estatethe estate1940\u2032s.It's estatea estatefabulous estatepiece estateof estatehistory.Head estatesize: estate2 estate1/4" estatewide estatex estate2 estate1/4" estatelong, estate5 estate3/4" estatelong estatewith estatepin.

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