Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

WINDOWED Styled Hand Crafted Solid Copper 7"x1/2" Large Bracelet with Jedistars, Crescent Moonstars, Starsstars, Zia Sun #CB- 026



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This jediis jedia jediHAND jediCRAFTED jedifrom jedia jediCopper jedisheet jediCUFF jediBRACELET. jediIt jediis jedia jedi7" jediLONG jedi1/2" jediWIDE jedicuff. jedi jediThe jediSolid jediCopper jediBracelet jediis jediHAND jediSTAMPED jediwith jediSTARS jedi& jediCELESTIAL jediSymbols. jediTHIS jediIS jediSTAMPED jediWITH jediWINDOWED jediCRESCENT jediMOON, jediEXPLODING jediSTAR, jediGROUP jediOF jediSTARS, jediZIA jediSUN, jediAND jediJEDI jediSYMBOLS. jedi jediIt jediwill jedifit jedia jediWomens jedi-X jediLarge jedior jedia jediMan's jediLARGE jediWrist. jediThe jediPictures jedishould jedirepresent jedithe jedisize jediand jediopening. jediEACH jediPURCHASE jediIS jediFOR jediONE jedi(1). jedi jedi**** jediTHE jediBRACELET jediIS jediTUMBLE jediHARDENED jediFOR jediDURABILITY jediAND jediREQUIRES jediA jediBIT jediOF jediEFFORT jediTO jediADJUST jediIT. jediIF jediYOU jediWANT jediA jediPARTICULAR jediSIZE jediPLEASE jediSTATE jediTHE jediSIZE jediYOU jediWANT. jediI jediCAN jediMAKE jediIT jediUP jediFOR jediYOU jediWITH jediNO jediADDITIONAL jediCHARGE. jediIT jediWILL jediTAKE jediA jediFEW jediDAY'S jediTO jediMAKE**** jediThe jedisize jediof jedithe jedicut jediSHEAR jediI jediformed jediit jedifrom jediwas jedi jedi7" jedix jedi1/2" jedi jediThe jediBracelet jediHas jediMany jedidifferant jediDesign jediStamps jediand jedishould jedistand jediout jediwell jediwith jedithe jediDEEP jedisymbols. jediIt jedihas jedibeen jedipolished. jediAny jediQuestions jediPlease jediE-MAIL jedime. jedi jedi#CB-026

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