Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, Vintage 3D Sterling Silver Cruise Liner Ship Charm 4.2 g



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Vintage liner3D linersterling linersilver linercruise linerliner linership linercharmHollow linerunderneathMeasures linerapproximately liner33mm linerlength linerexcluding linerlittle linerfixed linerring linerby liner11mm linermaximum linerheight liner(1 liner& liner1/4 linerinch linerby liner7/16th's linerof lineran linerinch)No linermarkings, linertested linersilverWeighs liner4.2 linergramsPre-owned linervintage linercharm...please linersee linerphotographs linerfor linerconditionA linerzoom linerlens lineris linerused linerto linerphotograph lineritems linerto linerhelp linershow linerthe linerdetail. linerPlease linercheck linerphotographs linerand linersizes linerof lineritems linerand linerweights linerof lineritems linerbefore linerbuyingIdeal linergift linerto lineryourself lineror linerothers

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