Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This boho jewelrylarge boho jewelryhandcrafted boho jewelrycross boho jewelryhas boho jewelry10 boho jewelrygorgeous boho jewelrysleeping boho jewelrybeauty boho jewelryturquoise boho jewelrystones. boho jewelryThe boho jewelrystones boho jewelryis boho jewelryset boho jewelryin boho jewelrya boho jewelrysaw boho jewelrytooth boho jewelrybezel. boho jewelryThe boho jewelrybail boho jewelryof boho jewelrythe boho jewelrycross boho jewelryis boho jewelrylarge boho jewelryto boho jewelryallow boho jewelrymany boho jewelrydiffered boho jewelrysizes boho jewelryof boho jewelrychains boho jewelryto boho jewelryfit boho jewelrythrough boho jewelryit. boho jewelryMetal: boho jewelrySterling boho jewelrySilver boho jewelryStones: boho jewelryTurquoise boho jewelryDimensions: boho jewelryLength: boho jewelry2 boho jewelry1/4" boho jewelryincludes boho jewelrybail boho jewelryWidth: boho jewelry1 boho jewelry1/2" boho jewelry(widest boho jewelrypoint) boho jewelryFree boho jewelryFirst boho jewelryClass boho jewelryShipping boho jewelryin boho jewelrythe boho jewelryUS!Please boho jewelrylet boho jewelryme boho jewelryknow boho jewelryif boho jewelryyou boho jewelryhave boho jewelryany boho jewelryquestions!Thank boho jewelryyou boho jewelryfor boho jewelryshopping boho jewelrywith boho jewelryEra boho jewelryof boho jewelryJewelry! boho jewelryBe boho jewelrysure boho jewelryto boho jewelrycheck boho jewelryout boho jewelryour boho jewelrystore boho jewelrydaily boho jewelryfor boho jewelrymore boho jewelrybeautiful boho jewelryadded boho jewelrypieces!Sincerely,Era boho jewelryof boho jewelryJewelry

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