Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

man, Pet Photo Sterling Silver Money Clip | Dog / Cat Keepsake | Personalized | Gift for Men



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This silverhandsome silversterling silversilver silvermoney silverclip silverbecomes silvera silvertouching silverkeepsake silverwhen silverwe silverlaser silverengrave silvera silverphoto, silveralong silverwith silverup silverto silver50 silvercharacters silverof silvertext, silverinto silverthe silvermetal. silverYou silverhave silverthe silveroption silverto silveradd silvermore silvertext silverengraving silverto silverthe silverback silverof silveryour silvermoney silverclip. silver(Please silvernote silverthat silverthis silverpiece silverdoes silver*not* silverhave silvera silvercompartment silverfor silverashes.)--- silverMore silverdetails silverbelow silver---::: silverABOUT silverTHIS silverMONEY silverCLIP silver:::\u2022 silversterling silversilver\u2022 silvermeasures silverapproximately silver1" silverW silverx silver2" silverH\u2022 silverFREE silverSHIPPING silver- silverships silverin silver10-14 silverdays::: silverHOW silverTO silverORDER silver:::After silveryou silverplace silveryour silverorder, silverplease silveruse silverthe silver"contact silverseller" silverbutton silverto silverwrite silverthrough silverEtsy:You silvercan silverattach silveryour silverphoto silverand silverinclude silverany silverinformation silverthat silveryou silverwant silverme silverto silverknow.I silverwill silvercontact silveryou silverwithin silver24 silverhours silverof silverreceiving silveryour silverorder. silverIf silveryou silverhave silverany silverquestions silverat silverany silvertime, silverplease silverfeel silverfree silverto silverwrite!

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