Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green, Prehnitcollier quadrilaterals



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Very silver platednice silver plateddelicate silver platednecklace silver platedmade silver platedof silver platedsquare silver platedprehnite silver platedstones silver platedand silver platedirregularly silver platedinserted silver platedgold-plated silver platedsilver silver platedplates. silver platedThe silver platedbright silver platedstones silver platedshine silver platedbeautifully silver platedin silver platedthe silver platedlight, silver platedof silver platedwhich silver platedthe silver platedrichly silver platedshiny silver platedgold silver platedtones silver platedonce silver platedagain silver platedset silver platedthemselves silver platedoff silver platedas silver platedhighlights.

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