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Chain of BETON *Jewelry CUBE red* Concrete chain - concretejewellery - Concrete jewelry - minimalist jewelry - Gift idea for her and him



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1 x Chain of BETON * *Jewelry CUBE Red*Concrete jewelleryGeometric jewelry for you & HIM" Gift idea for youconcretenecklace---------------\u0b9c\u06e9\u06de\u06e9\u0b9c--------------With this great jewelry concrete chainwith concrete balls & red wooden bead on waxed cotton tapeyou decorate yourself or give you a lot of fun, joy and love at any time ... and will surely reap a nice smile - well, how about a smile...?Size of the chain: Cube approx. 15 mmChain length individually adjustable, short to medium longMaterial: jewellery concrete, glitter, waxed cotton ribbonYour new chain comes lovingly packed to you.---------------\u0b9c\u06e9\u06de\u06e9\u0b9c--------------You can also get other chains from the series ;-)&further MODESCHMUCK and more can be found at:www./de/shop/MottebyMonteKlamotteCostume jewelry

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