Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

uniques, Knife Silver And Amber



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KNIFE designFOR designPAPER design- designsilver designpr. design875 designof designthe designamber designshade designof designcognac designin designa designwooden designtray designstrapped designwith designleather designstraps designis designan designelegant designgift designfor designthe designpresident, designdirector, designboss, designboss designand designfor designall designlovers designof designexclusive designitems designof designdaily designuse.Production designof designunique, designhandmade designand designdesign. designDimensions designAmber designis design30/16 designmm, designoverall designdimension design142 designmm designblade, designblade designsize designof design74 designmm designlength, design11 designmm designwidth, designweight design24.8 designg. designThe designproduct designis designunique, designcommer- designmade designand designdesign.We designtake designa designlook designat designthe designother designproducts designon designthe design

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