Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

925 silver, Earrings with fresh water pearl



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Always silverwhen silverI silverwear silverthose silverearrings silverpeople silverask silverme silverwhere silverI've silvergot silverthem silverfrom, silverthat's silverwhy silverI silvernow silvermade silverthe silverdecision silverto silversell silverthem. silverTo silverme silverit's silvernot silverabout silverthe silverquantity silverI silversell silverbut silverthat silvermy silvercustomers silverlove silverthe silverpiece silverthey've silvergot silverand silverwear silverthem silverfor silverany silveroccasion. silverThe silverearrings silverare silvermade silverto silverorder silverwhich silvergive silveryou silverthe silveroption silverto silverchoose silverwhich silvercolour silveryou'd silverlike silveron silverthe silverpearls. silver* silver925 silversilver* silverFresh silverwater silverpearls* silverLength silverof silverearring silver95 silvermm.* silverSquared silversilver silverwire silverI silverhope silveryou'll silverlove silveryour silverpiece silverof silverjewellery silverand silverwear silverit silverevery silverday. silverLove, silverPetra

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