Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Precious wooden elephant pendant! Rosewoodwooden heart, quality +++wooden heart, bail and eye silver hand carved.



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Hand wooden heartcarved wooden heartgem wooden heartin wooden heartthe wooden heartrosewood. wooden heartHighest wooden heartqualityStylized wooden heartelephant wooden heartdecorated wooden heartwith wooden hearta wooden heartstone wooden heartset wooden hearton wooden heartthe wooden hearteye, wooden heartzirconmaximum wooden heartsize wooden heart25 wooden heartx wooden heart30 wooden heartmmSterling wooden heartSilver wooden heartbailUnique wooden heartof wooden heartcourse!co297Workshop wooden heartGastyne, wooden heartspecialist wooden heartjewellery wooden heartof wooden heartprecious wooden heartwoods, wooden heart100% wooden hearthandcrafted wooden heartfrom wooden heartthe wooden heartmelting wooden heartof wooden heartprecious wooden heartmetals!

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