Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

four-leaf clover, Gold Clover and Green Agate Earrings



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The four-leaf clovergold-overlay four-leaf cloverclover four-leaf cloveris four-leaf clover5/8" four-leaf cloverand four-leaf cloverthe four-leaf cloverbezel four-leaf cloverset four-leaf cloverGreen four-leaf cloverAgate four-leaf cloveris four-leaf clover3/8" four-leaf cloverin four-leaf cloverdiameter. four-leaf clover four-leaf cloverThe four-leaf cloverlength four-leaf cloverof four-leaf cloverthe four-leaf cloverearring four-leaf cloverincluding four-leaf cloverthe four-leaf clovergold-filled four-leaf cloverearwire four-leaf cloveris four-leaf clover1 four-leaf clover7/8". four-leaf clover four-leaf cloverThis four-leaf cloveris four-leaf cloverone four-leaf cloverof four-leaf clovera four-leaf cloverkind

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