Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mother of pearl, Mother of Pearl Earrings



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These long earringsbeautiful long earringsMother long earringsof long earringsPearl long earringsearrings long earringsin long earringsa long earrings22k long earringsgold long earringsoverlay long earringsbezel long earringsare long earrings long earrings1 long earrings1/8" long earringswide long earringsand long earrings2 long earrings1/4" long earringslong long earringsincluding long earringsthe long earringsgold-filled long earringsearwires. long earrings long earringsEach long earringsearring long earringsis long earringsabout long earrings7 long earringsgrams. long earrings long earringsThis long earringspair long earringsis long earringsone long earringsof long earringsa long earringskind.

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