Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Wedding anniversary pendantin love, 5 yearsin love, heart of Ebene wood of Burkina Fasoin love, engraved by hand and inlaid with silver dust.



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Hand wood pendantcarved wood pendantheart wood pendantin wood pendantdark wood pendantwood, wood pendantthe wood pendantfair wood pendantebony wood pendantof wood pendantBurkina wood pendantFaso!Hand wood pendantengraved wood pendantChinese wood pendantmotif. wood pendantThe wood pendantHollows wood pendantwere wood pendantthen wood pendantfilled wood pendantwith wood pendantsilver wood pendantpowder wood pendantfor wood pendanta wood pendantslight wood pendanteffect.maximum wood pendantsize wood pendant23 wood pendantx wood pendant23 wood pendantmmSterling wood pendantSilver wood pendantbailUnique wood pendantpiece wood pendantof wood pendantcourse!co286ideal wood pendantValentine's wood pendantday wood pendantgift wood pendantor wood pendantwedding wood pendantanniversary, wood pendant5 wood pendantyears wood pendantwedding!The wood pendantAtelier wood pendantde wood pendantGastyne, wood pendantjewellery wood pendantspecialist wood pendantof wood pendantprecious wood pendantwoods, wood pendant100% wood pendantartisanal wood pendantsince wood pendantthe wood pendantmelting wood pendantof wood pendantprecious wood pendantmetals!

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