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Vintage Earringsearrings, 4 pair Hong Kongearrings, Clip



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There hong kongare hong kong4 hong kongpairs hong kongof hong kongearrings hong kongmarked hong kongHong hong kongKong.All hong kongare hong kongclip.The hong kongphotos hong kongwere hong kongdifficult hong kongto hong kongget hong kongthe hong kongbest hong kongcoloring hong kongat hong kongone hong kongtime. hong kong hong kongIn hong kongthe hong kongsecond hong kongpicture, hong kongupper hong kongleft, hong kongis hong konga hong kongmore hong kongaccurate hong kongcoloring hong kongof hong kongthe hong kongyellowish hong kongones hong kongin hong kongthe hong kongupper hong kongleft hong kongof hong kongthe hong kongfirst hong kongpicture.Please hong kongfeel hong kongfree hong kongto hong kongask hong kongany hong kongquestions.

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