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blue, Hammered Torched and Sealed Copper and Brass Pendant



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This copperPendant copperis coppermade copperof copper20 coppergauge copperBrass copperthat copperhas copperbeen copperhammered, copperformed copperthen coppertorched, copperalso coppercalled copperflame copperpainting, copperto copperproduce copperthe copperbeautiful copperrange copperof coppermetallic coppercolors coppersuch coppera coppers copperReds, copperBlues, copperGreens, copperOranges, copperYellows, copperEtc copperthen copperembellished copperwith coppertorched copperCopper copper... copper. copperThe coppertotal copperlength copperis copperapproimately copper2.5 copperinches copperand copper copper1 copperinch copperwide. copper copperIt copperhas copperbeen copperfinished copperoff copperwith copperCopper copperBail copperand copperhas copperbeen coppersealed copperto copperprotect copperthe coppercoloring. copperPictures copperare copperof copperthe copperactual copperPendant copperyou copperwill copperreceive.Be coppersure copperto coppercheck coppermy coppershop copperannouncement copperfor copperany copperdiscounts copperi coppermay copperbe copperoffering!

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