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sleep, Jacqueline Ditt - "Dog - Black & White" charm silver bead dangle limited Edition Artmultiple Anhänger



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Jacqueline blackDitt black- black"Dog black- blackBlack black& blackWhite" blackcharm blacksilver blackbead blackdangle blacklimited blackEdition blackArtmultiple black2015(Dog black- blackBlack black& blackWhite black- black blackLuck blackcharm black/ blacksilver blackdangle)Artmultiple blackby blackJacqueline blackDitt(Wkvnr: blackvx15104chsd)Miniature blackoriginalgrafik blackblack black& blackwhiteDangle black- blacklimited blackto black55 black925 blackSterling blackSilber black- blackstamped blackin blackthe blackeyelet black(for blackknown blackstandard blackbracelets blackand blacknecklesses)Format black- blackdiameter black1 blackcm black- blacklength blackincl. blackhanger: blackca. black2 blackcmBackside blackis blackdesigned blackas blackan blackembossed blackflower blackwith blacka blackwhite blackfaceted blackwhite blackglascristal blackin blackthe blackmiddle, blackwith blackblack blackmini blackbag.Delivered blackWITHOUT blackchain black!limited blackEdition blackMore blackuniversal blackarts blackin blackour blackshop: blackhttp://www./shop/universalartsIn blackthe blackearly black'80ies blackJacqueline blackDitt blackwas blackstudying blackgraphic-design blackfor blackseveral blackyears blackin blackMunich, blackbefore blackshe blackdecided blackto blackbecome blackan blackexpressionistic blackpainter blackHer blackstyle blackis blackknown blackas black"Intro blackExpressionism black- blackthe blackart blackof blacksoulful blackexpression blackin blacktemporary blackcontext".

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