Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

emerald cut stone, Deco Style Floral BROOCH - Central Lavender Stone - Two Toned Gold - Floral Design - Emerald cut stone



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ESTATE pink goldDECO pink goldSTYLE pink goldFLORAL pink goldBROOCH pink goldWITH pink goldLAVENDER pink goldEMERALD pink goldCUT pink goldSTONEGoddessandco pink goldis pink goldpleased pink goldto pink goldoffer pink goldfor pink goldsale pink goldthis pink goldwonderful pink goldDeco pink goldStyle pink goldFloral pink goldbrooch pink goldwith pink goldtwo pink goldtoned pink gold10k pink gold pink goldsculpted pink goldleaves pink goldand pink golda pink goldhigh pink goldprong pink goldset pink goldluscious pink goldlavender pink goldemerald pink goldcut pink goldstone.Hallmarked pink goldand pink goldin pink goldpristine pink goldcondition. pink goldMEASUREMENT: pink gold60 pink goldmm pink goldx pink gold42 pink goldmm pink goldx pink gold5 pink goldmmWEIGHT: pink gold9.12 pink goldtotal pink goldgram pink goldweightSIZE: pink goldFaceted pink goldstone pink goldis pink gold13 pink goldmm pink goldx pink gold11 pink goldmm

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