Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gift idea, THAI STERLING BRACELET - Central Etched Floral Design - Hallmarked - Link Design



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ESTATE asian designVINTAGE asian designFLORAL asian designARTISAN asian designTHAI asian designSILVER asian designLINKED asian designBRACELET asian design asian designWITH asian designFLORAL asian designTEXTURED asian designDESIGNGoddessandco asian designis asian designpleased asian designto asian designoffer asian designfor asian designsale asian designthis asian designbeautiful asian designThai asian designsilver asian designlinked asian designbracelet asian designwith asian designshiny asian designsilver asian designcurved asian designlinks. asian designThe asian designcentral asian designflower asian designis asian designbeautifully asian designetched asian designcreating asian designa asian designcontrasting asian designtexture asian designbetween asian designcenter asian designand asian designlinks.HallmarkedA asian designReal asian designBeauty!!!SIZE: asian design asian design8 asian designinches asian designin asian designlength,MEASUREMENT: asian designClasp asian designis asian design17 asian designmm asian designin asian designdiameter. asian designFlower asian designis asian design30 asian designmm asian designin asian designdiameterWEIGHT:22.32 asian designtotal asian designgram asian designweight

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