Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Cabochon Stacking Bangles - one suppliedsilver, peach moonstone and citrine available



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Delicate silver4mm silvergem silvercabochons silverset silveron silversterling silversilver silverhammered silverbangles, silver2.3 silverx silver1.5mm silverD silvershaped silverwire. silverMix silverand silvermatch silverthe silvercolours silverfor silvera silverstunning silvereffect. silverShown silverhere silver- silverPeridot, silverAmethyst, silverMoonstone, silverCitrine, silverSwiss silverblue silverTopaz. silverMany silverother silverstones silveravailable, silverplease silvercontact silverus. silver\u00a325 silverfor silverone, silver\u00a345 silverfor silvertwo, silver\u00a365 silverfor silverthree. silverPlease silvercontact silverus silverif silverordering silvermore silverthan silverone.All silverour silverjewellery silveris silverpresented silverin silverblack silvervelvet silverpochettes silveror silvergift silverboxes.

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