Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

double sided, b001 Vintage Double sided Cuff links in Gold Tone Finish



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PRE-OWNEDPLEASE cuff linksREAD cuff linksENTIRE cuff linksDESCRIPTION cuff linksBEFORE cuff linksPURCHASINGFor cuff linksSale: cuff links(1) cuff linksPair cuff linksVintage cuff linksHandsome cuff linksOval cuff linksDouble cuff linkssided cuff linksCuff cuff linkslinks cuff linksin cuff linksGold cuff linkstone cuff linksFinishPlease cuff linkssee cuff linkspictures cuff linksfor cuff linksmore cuff linksdetails!Features: cuff linksVintage cuff linkspair cuff linksof cuff linkscuff cuff linkslinks cuff linksin cuff linksa cuff linksgold cuff linkstone cuff linksfinish. cuff links cuff linksOne cuff linksside cuff linksis cuff linksa cuff linksbrushed cuff linksor cuff linksdull cuff linksgold cuff linksthe cuff linksother cuff linksside cuff linksis cuff linksa cuff linksshiny cuff linkspolished cuff linksgold cuff linksfinish. cuff links cuff linksThese cuff linksare cuff linkssigned cuff linksG.L.P. cuff linksCo. cuff linksThey cuff linksstill cuff linkslook cuff linksgreat cuff linksfor cuff linkstheir cuff linksage. cuff linksA cuff linkshandsome cuff linksand cuff linkstimeless cuff linkspair.In cuff linksgreat cuff linkscondition. cuff linksSmall cuff linkssurface cuff linksscratches cuff linksfrom cuff linksnormal cuff linkswear. cuff links cuff links(AS cuff linksSEEN cuff linksIN cuff linksPICTURES)Specifics:5/8" cuff linkslong cuff linksby cuff links1/2" cuff linkswide--------------------------------------If cuff linksyou cuff linkshave cuff linksany cuff linksquestions cuff linksregarding cuff linksthis cuff linksitem cuff linksor cuff linkspricing, cuff linksplease cuff linksfeel cuff linksfree cuff linksto cuff linkscontact cuff linksus cuff links:)Please cuff linksbe cuff links100% cuff linkssure cuff linksof cuff linksyour cuff linkspurchase cuff linksbefore cuff linksbuying, cuff linksas cuff linkswe cuff linksdo cuff linksnot cuff linksoffer cuff linksrefunds. cuff linksWe cuff linksare cuff linksmore cuff linksthan cuff linkshappy cuff linksto cuff linksprovide cuff linksany cuff linksspecific cuff linkspictures, cuff linksor cuff linksanswer cuff linksany cuff linksquestions cuff linksyou cuff linkshave cuff linksregarding cuff linksour cuff linksitems cuff links:) cuff links cuff linksALL cuff linksINCLUDED cuff linksITEMS cuff linksARE cuff linksIN cuff linksPICTURESIf cuff linksdescription cuff linksstates cuff linksthat cuff linkssomething cuff linksis cuff linksincluded, cuff linksbut cuff linksis cuff linksnot cuff linksshown cuff linksin cuff linksthe cuff linksphoto cuff linksplease cuff linkscontact cuff linksus cuff linksfirst cuff linksbefore cuff linkspurchasing.Do cuff linksnot cuff linksassume cuff linksanything cuff linksis cuff linksincluded cuff linksthat cuff linksis cuff linksnot cuff linksshown cuff linksin cuff linkspictures.We cuff linksclaim cuff linksno cuff linksresponsibility cuff linksfor cuff linkspossible cuff linksinaccuracies cuff linksin cuff linksOriginal cuff linksManufacturers cuff linksdescription.Shipping cuff links& cuff linksReturnsPlease cuff linksallow cuff linksadequate cuff linkstime cuff linksfor cuff linksyour cuff linksitem cuff linksto cuff linksarrive cuff linksbefore cuff linkscontacting cuff linksusDomesticWe cuff linksship cuff linksvia cuff linksFirst cuff linksClass cuff linksMail cuff linksUSPS cuff linkswith cuff linkssignatureRETURN cuff linksPOLICYDefective cuff linksitems cuff linksonly cuff linkswithin cuff links7 cuff linksdays.Any cuff linksitem cuff linkslisted cuff linksas cuff linksparts cuff linksor cuff linksrepair cuff linksMAY cuff linksNOT cuff linksbe cuff linksreturned, cuff linksPlease cuff linksnote: cuff linksitems cuff linksdesignated cuff links"as cuff linksis, cuff linksno cuff linksreturns" cuff linksmay cuff linksbe cuff linksdamaged. cuff linksBuyer cuff linksshould cuff linksnot cuff linksexpect cuff linksa cuff linksrefund cuff linksfor cuff linksany cuff linksitems cuff linksso cuff linksdesignated

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