Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cogs, Sand Quartz and Cogs



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Small silvercogs silverhold silverbeautiful silverquartz silverthat silverhave silversand silverin silverthem. silverThey silverare silvercalled silversand silverquartz silverand silverits silvercalled silverthat silverbecause silverwhen silverthe silverquartz silveris silverbeing silverformed silversome silversand silvergets silverin silverthem silverand silverthey silvercan't silverescape!!!Quartz silvers silvera silverpower silverstone. silverIt silverhas silverbeen silvercalled silverthe silver"Universal silverCrystal" silverbecause silverof silverits silvermany silveruses. silverIt silverenhances silverenergy silverby silverabsorbing, silverstoring, silveramplifying, silverbalancing, silverfocusing silverand silvertransmitting. silverIt silverchannels silveruniversal silverenergy. silverQuartz silveralso silverenhances silverthoughts, silveras silverthey silverare silvera silverform silverof silverenergy. silverBecause silverit silverdirects silverand silveramplifies silverenergy, silverit silveris silverextremely silverbeneficial silverfor silvermanifesting, silverhealing, silvermeditation, silverprotection, silverand silverchanneling.

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