Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hibiscus Flower Pendentfloral pendants, Silver Flower Necklacefloral pendants, Hawaiian flowersfloral pendants, Sterling and Copper by Meredith Hilt Designs



In stock



This beach jewelrylovely beach jewelryHibiscus beach jewelryflower beach jewelrywas beach jewelryhand beach jewelrycut beach jewelryfrom beach jewelrysterling beach jewelrysilver beach jewelrysheet beach jewelrymetal. beach jewelryThe beach jewelrypretty, beach jewelrycontrasting beach jewelrycenter beach jewelrydetail beach jewelrywas beach jewelryhand beach jewelrycut beach jewelryfrom beach jewelrycopper beach jewelrysheet beach jewelryand beach jewelrysoldered beach jewelryto beach jewelrythe beach jewelrysterling beach jewelryflower beach jewelrybase. beach jewelryThe beach jewelrypiece beach jewelrywas beach jewelrythen beach jewelrylovingly beach jewelrygiven beach jewelrya beach jewelrypatina beach jewelryfor beach jewelrycontrast. beach jewelryThe beach jewelryflower beach jewelrypendant beach jewelryhas beach jewelryan beach jewelryattractive, beach jewelrysoft beach jewelrypolish beach jewelryto beach jewelryreally beach jewelrymake beach jewelryit beach jewelryblossom.The beach jewelrysilver beach jewelryflower beach jewelryis beach jewelryapproximately beach jewelry1.25" beach jewelrywide beach jewelryby beach jewelry1.5" beach jewelrytall beach jewelry(including beach jewelrythe beach jewelrysterling beach jewelrysilver beach jewelryhanging beach jewelryring). beach jewelryAn beach jewelry18" beach jewelrysterling beach jewelrysilver beach jewelrysnake beach jewelrychain beach jewelryis beach jewelryincluded, beach jewelryso beach jewelryit beach jewelrycan beach jewelrybe beach jewelryworn beach jewelryas beach jewelrysoon beach jewelryas beach jewelryreceived!If beach jewelryyou beach jewelryare beach jewelrylooking beach jewelryfor beach jewelrysomething beach jewelryreally beach jewelrypretty beach jewelryand beach jewelryfeminine, beach jewelrythis beach jewelryflower beach jewelrynecklace beach jewelryis beach jewelryit!This beach jewelrywill beach jewelryarrive beach jewelrywrapped beach jewelryin beach jewelrytissue beach jewelryand beach jewelrytucked beach jewelryinto beach jewelrya beach jewelryblack beach jewelryvelveteen beach jewelrydrawstring beach jewelrybag. beach jewelryIt's beach jewelryready beach jewelryto beach jewelrybe beach jewelrygiven beach jewelryas beach jewelrya beach jewelrygift, beach jewelryor beach jewelrykept beach jewelryjust beach jewelryfor beach jewelryyourself!\u00a92014 beach jewelryMeredith beach jewelryHilt beach jewelryDesignsThe beach jewelryArtist beach jewelryreserves beach jewelryall beach jewelryreproduction beach jewelryrights. beach jewelryNo beach jewelrywork beach jewelrymay beach jewelrybe beach jewelryreproduced beach jewelryin beach jewelryany beach jewelrymanner beach jewelrywhatsoever beach jewelrywith beach jewelryout beach jewelryexpress, beach jewelrywritten beach jewelryconsent beach jewelryof beach jewelrythe beach jewelryArtist.

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