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beads, Awakening Lotus Flower Amazonite Necklace



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This semi preciousgraceful semi preciousAmazonite semi preciousnecklace semi preciousfeatures semi preciousan semi preciousopening semi preciouslotus semi precioussilver semi preciouscutout semi preciousflower semi preciouspendant. semi preciousThe semi preciouslotus semi preciousflower semi precioushas semi precioushad semi preciousdifferent semi preciousmeanings semi preciousthroughout semi preciousvarious semi preciouscultures. semi preciousIn semi preciousBuddhism, semi preciousthe semi preciousbud semi preciousof semi preciousthe semi preciouslotus semi precioussymbolizes semi preciouspotential. semi preciousDespite semi preciousbeing semi preciousborn semi preciousinto semi preciousdark, semi preciousmurky semi preciousconditions semi preciousthe semi preciouslotus semi preciousgrows semi preciousand semi preciousrises semi preciousabove semi preciousadversity. semi preciousThe semi preciouslotus semi preciousflower semi preciousrepresents semi preciousan semi preciousawakening, semi preciousspiritual semi preciousgrowth, semi preciousand semi preciousenlightenment. semi preciousAmazonite semi preciousis semi preciousa semi precioussoothing semi preciousstone semi preciousbelieved semi preciousto semi preciouscalm semi preciousthe semi preciousbrain semi preciousand semi preciousnervous semi precioussystem. semi preciousDespite semi preciousits semi preciouscalming semi preciousproperties semi preciousand semi preciousappearance, semi preciousAmazonite semi preciousis semi preciousbelieved semi preciousto semi precioushave semi preciousadorned semi preciousthe semi preciousshields semi preciousof semi preciousthe semi precioussemi-mythical semi preciousAmazonians, semi preciousa semi preciousformidable semi precioustribe semi preciousof semi preciousfemale semi preciouswarriors semi preciousthought semi preciousto semi preciouslive semi preciousin semi preciousthe semi precious10th semi preciouscentury semi preciousB.C. semi preciousThey semi preciousalso semi preciousused semi preciousAmazonite semi preciousmedicinally semi preciousto semi preciousheal semi preciouswounds semi preciousand semi preciousillnesses semi preciousof semi preciousall semi preciouskinds. semi preciousThe semi preciousconquistadors semi preciousprized semi preciousit semi preciousfor semi preciousadornment semi preciousand semi preciousits semi preciousability semi preciousto semi preciousbe semi preciouscarved semi preciousinto semi preciouscult semi preciousobjects. semi preciousAmazonite semi preciouswas semi preciousalso semi preciousworn semi preciousas semi preciousjewelry semi preciousin semi preciouspre-Columbian semi preciousSouth semi preciousand semi preciousCentral semi preciousAmerica. semi preciousIt semi preciousis semi preciousnamed semi preciousfor semi preciousthe semi preciousAmazon semi preciousRiver semi preciousin semi preciousBrazil semi preciousand semi preciousthe semi preciouslush semi preciousjungle semi preciousregion semi precioussurrounding semi preciousit semi preciouswhere semi preciousthe semi preciousoriginal semi preciousstones semi preciouswere semi preciousdiscovered. semi preciousThe semi preciouspendant semi preciousis semi precious.925 semi precioussilver. semi preciousNecklace semi preciousmeasures semi precious18.75 semi preciousin semi preciouslength." semi preciousThe semi preciousbeads semi preciousare semi precious6-8 semi preciousmm. semi preciousLobster semi preciousclaw semi preciousclosure semi preciousfor semi preciousease semi preciousof semi precioususe.

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