Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

emerald gems, Large OPAL GOLD Cocktail Ring with EMERALDS- Hallmarked- 14k - Natural Gemstones - Statement Jewelry - Workmanship - High Pronged Setting



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STUNNING fire opalESTATE fire opalCOCKTAIL fire opalRING14K fire opalYELLOW fire opalGOLDFIRE fire opalOPAL fire opaland fire opalEMERALDSGodessandco fire opalis fire opalpleased fire opalto fire opaloffer fire opalfor fire opalsale fire opalthis fire opal fire opalBeautiful fire opal fire opalLarge fire opal1960's fire opalestate fire opalvintage fire opal14k fire opalyellow fire opalgold fire opalOpal fire opaland fire opalEmerald fire opalcocktail fire opalring. fire opal12 fire opalround fire opalemeralds fire opalframe fire opal fire opalthis fire opalperfect fire opalfiery fire opalopal fire opalin fire opala fire opal fire opalraised fire opalprong fire opalhigh fire opalsetting. fire opalLooks fire opallike fire opala fire opallarge fire opalflower. fire opal fire opalA fire opalstunning fire opalmagnificent fire opalcombination.SIZE:8 fire opaland fire opal1/2 fire opal(sizable)DIMENSIONS: fire opal25mmx fire opal21 fire opalmm. fire opalOpal fire opalis fire opal17 fire opalmm fire opalx fire opal14 fire opalmmWEIGHT:9.3 fire opaltotal fire opalgram fire opalweight

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