Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

14k, Long freshwater pearl and antique brass charm on 14k gold-filled ring



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GUARANTEED metalHANDMADE: metalAll metalmy metaljewelry metalis metaldesigned metaland metalcreated metalby metalmy metalhands.Large metalwhite metalfreshwater metalpearl metalrondelle metalwire-wrapped metalin metal14k metalgold-filled metalwire metalwith metallong, metalsquare metalantique metalbrass metaldangle. metalThis metalpiece metallooks metalfabulous metalas metala metalpendant metalor metalpaired metalwith metalother metalcharms. metalPearls metalattune metalthe metalwearer metalto metalebb metaland metalflow metalof metallife. metalThey metalare metalcalming metaland metalcentering. metalThey metalgive metalpurity metaland metalpromote metalfaith, metalcharity, metaland metalintegrity, metaltruth metaland metalloyalty. metalThey metalespecially metalenhance metalpersonal metalintegrity. metalThey metalhelp metalone metalconnect metalwith metalher metalfeminine metalenergy metaland metalbring metallove metalenergy.Please metalconvo metalme metalwith metalany metalquestions!

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