Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

goldfill, Green glass leaves with pearl drops on goldfill wire. Delicate color for an elegant earring



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Translucent pearlsgreen pearlsglass pearlsleaves pearlsin pearlscombination pearlswith pearlstwo pearlswhite pearlspear pearlsshaped pearlspearls pearlsmake pearlsthese pearlsearrings pearlsstand pearlsout. pearlsThe pearlsleaves pearlsare pearls1" pearlslong pearlsand pearlshang pearlsfrom pearlsa pearlsgoldfill pearlsearwire. pearlsPearls pearlsare pearlssuspended pearlsfrom pearlsa pearlsgoldfill pearlsstem. pearls pearlsThese pearlsearrings pearlsare pearlsvery pearlslight pearlsweight. pearls pearlsThey pearlswill pearlsaccent pearlsa pearlsholiday pearlsdress pearlsbeautifully. pearlsTotal pearlslength pearls1 pearls1/4"

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