Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rosary, Handmade Rudraksha Mala Prayer Beads Necklace Rosary Hindu Buddhist Yoga Mantra Ritual Item



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A prayerMala prayeris prayera prayerset prayerof prayerbeads prayercommonly prayerused prayerby prayerHindus prayerand prayerBuddhists.\r\rThis prayer prayer54 prayer prayerbead prayerMala prayerwas prayerhandmade prayerin prayerIndia prayerout prayerof prayerRudraksha prayerseeds, prayeralso prayerknown prayeras prayer"Tears prayerof prayerShiva." prayer prayer\r\r prayerIndividual prayerbead prayerdiameter prayeris prayerapproximately prayer10mm prayer. prayer prayer\r\rMalas prayerare prayerused prayerfor prayerkeeping prayercount prayerwhile prayerreciting, prayerchanting, prayeror prayermentally prayerrepeating prayera prayermantra prayeror prayerthe prayername prayeror prayernames prayerof prayera prayerdeity. prayerThis prayerpractice prayeris prayerknown prayerin prayerSanskrit prayeras prayerjapa. prayer prayer\r\rE-mail prayerfor prayerInternational prayerShipping prayerquotes prayeror prayerany prayerother prayerquestions. prayer prayerThanks prayerfor prayerlooking

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