Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

blue sky, Glass tile Necklace - Blue sky Red leaves



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This red leavesnecklace red leavesis red leavesmade red leavesof red leavesa red leavesglass red leavestile red leaveswith red leavesan red leavesoriginal red leavesphoto red leavestaken red leavesof red leavesfoliage red leaveson red leavesthe red leavesisland red leavesof red leavesEleuthera red leavesin red leavesthe red leavesBahamas. red leavesIt red leaveshas red leavessilver red leavesaccents red leaves& red leavescomes red leaveswith red leavesyour red leaveschoice red leavesof red leaveseither red leavesa red leavessilver red leaves16" red leavesrope red leaveschain red leaveswith red leavesa red leaves2" red leavesextender red leaves(2nd red leavesphoto) red leavesor red leavesa red leaves24" red leavesVintage red leavesstyle red leaveschain red leaves(top red leavesphoto).The red leavessize red leavesis red leaves1 red leaves7/16 red leavesx red leaves1 red leaves1/8. red leavesThe red leavesphoto red leaveshas red leavesbeen red leavessealed red leaveswith red leavesa red leaveshigh-gloss red leavesvarnish red leavesbut red leavesis red leavesnot red leaveswater red leavesproof. red leavesIt red leavesis red leavesalso red leavessensitive red leavesto red leavesprolonged red leavesexposure red leavesto red leavesintense red leavesheat. red leavesI red leavesrecommend red leavesnot red leaveswearing red leavesthis red leavesjewelry red leaveswhen red leavesswimming red leavesor red leavesexercising.

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