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white, White Agate Sterling Silver Earrings



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Bright agate earringswhite!Construction: agate earrings agate earringsAgate, agate earringssterling agate earringssilver, agate earringsfine agate earringssilverSnowy agate earringswhite agate earrings12mm agate earringsAgate agate earringsrounds agate earringson agate earringshandmade, agate earringsfine agate earringssilver agate earrings(0.999) agate earringsheadpins agate earringswith agate earringssterling agate earringssilver agate earringsbead agate earringscaps. agate earrings agate earringsFinished agate earringswith agate earringshandcrafted agate earrings(formed, agate earringshardened, agate earringspolished agate earringsand agate earringsfiled) agate earringssterling agate earringssilver agate earringsear agate earringswires. agate earrings agate earringsMinimalist agate earringsyet agate earringsstunning, agate earringsthese agate earringswill agate earringsbrighten agate earringsany agate earringsoutfit!Length: agate earringsapproximately agate earrings1 agate earringsand agate earrings1/4th agate earringsinches agate earringsfrom agate earringstop agate earringsof agate earringsear agate earringswires.

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